Carport (JABR - Day -6)  LbNA # 26658

Placed DateSep 24 2006
Location???, WA
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 12 2009
Hike Distance?


Distance of walk: <1 mi.
Elevation: 10’
Wheel chair friendly: No
Hitchhiker friendly: If small
Recommended ink colors: Black

Carport - Just a Bike Ride Series - Week before trip
He rode 60 miles that day while training for the 8 day, 400 mile trek that was now a week away. It was late. He carefully drove over the driveway curb to avoid rattling the bike in the car top carrier above him. Then he promptly drove forward and the bicycle met the Carport. CRUNCH!

The wheel was crumpled like a potato chip. Even worse, the seat tube and forks were bent! What a disappointment!
How could he possibly go on the bike tour that started in a mere week? After briefly considering canceling, he figured he had nothing to lose. He and the friend spent the next 6 days re-spoking the wheel, taking out the dents, and replacing the headset.

To read the continuing saga go to the clues for other boxes in the “Just a Bike Ride” Series.

Getting you close:
Go to the Southeastern WA town that has a WSU satellite campus. Go east on 1st St. from GW way, then down ‘U’ drive. Park at the upstream end of the Consolidated Information Center. Look for the A. L. Campus Preserve.

The Box:
Cyrnfr or qvfperrg. Uvxr naq ernq bs ‘fgrccrf’, ‘sbeof’ & ‘bjyf’. Jnyx gb gur hcfgernz orapu, ybbx arkg gb gur yrt. Cyrnfr er-uvqr jryy.

Hope you enjoyed the hunt. Since we don’t live in the area we can’t check on this box very often. We appreciate an update on it’s status. Thank you.