The Big Cranky  LbNA # 26664

Placed DateOct 22 2006
LocationPortland, OR
Found By heyokah man
Last Found Aug 28 2007
Hike Distance?

Extreme letterbox: Yes!
Drive-by? Not at all!
Urban location? Yes
Wheelchair friendly? No.
Hitchhiker friendly? Has to be a small hitchhiker.
Child friendly? Not for smaller children.

This box is placed by KuKu and her nephew, CobraBoy.

You will need a boat of some sort to procure this box. I would suggest a kayak or canoe.

Your mission is to boat between the east bank of the river and Ross Island.

Past Sellwood Riverfront Park and Oaks Park (all of which should be on your right,) head northeast between the bank and Ross Island. You will pass many houseboats – CobraBoy lives in one of them. As the channel turns, you will end up heading north.

Just before the channel turns more to the west, you will see something a little different on your left on the island. Until now, there have only been trees and vegetation – and hopefully, blue herons, which are also known as Big Crankies. (If the river is low enough, you should have passed a huge pipe on the east bank.)

There will be a break in the vegetation and you should see a crumbling concrete wall (or two, if the river is low.) Beach your boat and walk west onto the island into what CobraBoy calls The Junkyard. There are rusting pipes and eyebeams, huge old tires and other debris. One landmark is the green “Barge-6”.

West of Barge-6 is a very large item that 1) usually is underwater and 2) is not going anywhere.

Go to the apex of this item and at the tip, slightly toward Barge-6, brush away a thin coating of dirt. You should see two small pieces of wood. Underneath these is the letterbox.

Because of this being so close to water, please make sure all baggies are secure and the lid is snapped shut.

Since I don’t expect huge amounts of traffic to this box, please contact me so I and CobraBoy will know who has been there.

CobraBoy and I scoped out possible sites for this box in 2003 and then I carved one of my first stamps. But Life intervened for a while, and we finally got a chance to plant this box. Enjoy!

WARNING (UPDATE): This IS on private property on for a company on Ross Island. The part I am taking you to is where much of their junk resides, so you won't harm anything in getting this box. Because a company does business there, this box should always be attempted on the weekend or after business hours in the evening. As of June 2008, there is a "No Trespassing" sign right where you walk up. Please be aware of this.