Knowlton Covered Bridge  LbNA # 26673

OwnerGranny Butterfly    
Placed DateOct 24 2006
LocationWoodsfield, OH
Planted BySafari Man      
Found By Red /Blue Cruz-sader
Last Found Aug 31 2008
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 10 minutes. Distance ~ 100 yards round trip. Please bring your stamp, a stamp pad, compass, pen and an old rag to wipe off the box/your hands.

Clues: Please reference the PIATT PARK SERIES for the location of this Letterbox and I must give a lot of thanks to Granny Butterfly for placing this letterbox for me and providing the clever clues.

The actual Long or Knowlton Covered Bridge (not the letterbox) is located off OH26 in a small park north of Rinard Mills, Ohio. It is a Truss Type - Multiple Kingpost plus arch 35-56-18. It is 192 feet long Built in 1860 (second longest in Ohio) .

Once you have found Piatt Park, enter the Piatt Park entrance and pass the picnic shelter on the left. Continue down the hill to where you may seek Comfort/relief on your right before you search. If there are campers, be sure you don't take their parking places and be discreet.

From the parking area in front of the Comfort/relief spot take a reading of 150 degrees and walk to the warm/hot spot of site # 1.
This will be about 10 paces up an incline. Continuing on at that same 150 degrees you will come to an oddly shaped tree with a split trunk. With your back to the split now take a reading of 120 degrees to the large tree with a skinny one beside it. It is an odd looking maple at the edge of the clearing.

From there take a 20 degree heading to an uprooted tree that is laying on the ground. Half way between the root and the trunk division beneath it is what you seek. PLEASE BE CAREFUL NOT TO BE OBSERVED while retrieving the pouch and finding a spot to do the stamping. When done stamping, please help me keep a dry logbook by inserting it back in one of the bags and sealing the bag completely and then inserting that bag and the stamp into the other bag (double bagging) and also sealing that bag completely. Once that task is accomplished please return the pouch to its original hiding spot, well covered. I thank you so much for your help at preserving the life of this letterbox and hope you had fun finding this and the other boxes in this lovely park. Sincerely, Safari Man