Hidden Jewel--Hobby #5 (TWO NEW BOXES ADDED)  LbNA # 26674

Placed DateOct 25 2006
LocationBrookfield, WI
Found By CignaCats
Last Found Sep 3 2012
Hike Distance?

Terrain: Flat, for the most part. Most is paved.
Length: About 1-1/4 miles round trip
To be successful, try this early mornings through mid-day.

Park in the most eastern end of Wirth Park South near the playground. (Wirth P{ark South is just west of Pilgrim Parkway and North Avenue). Locate the most golden of play equipment and stand on it's most northern side. Take a compass reading of 310 degrees. You will see a wide path. As it goes into the forest, it will become narrow. When you reach a fork in the path, stop. Select the least dangerous fork and immediately take 49 paces. You will find a once mighty one that has fallen. In it's base is box #1. Re-hide well.

Continue on the path through the cool woods until you reach the open spaces again and head south toward North Avenue. Cross North to the walking path that is on the south side of it. North is a very busy street, so be careful! Walk west, stopping to enjoy a beautiful farm house and barn on the north side of the street. Brookfield had many farms at one time. This one is a treasure. (Wouldn’t it make a great bed and breakfast)?

Very soon after you have admired the house and continue up the path, you will discover a lone sentinel. It's only company is a short companion. Within its heart lies the second box. Now this one is tricky as many cars will be passing by. Create a diversion by pretending that you're looking for a lost ball. Stamp up very discreetly and re-hide the box well. Continue west on the path.

You may be walking at a time when you can hear a band practice or see football players, soccer players, etc. working out in the football field south of the path. Stop and enjoy the efforts of the Brookfield Central high school kids.

Finally, you will reach a 4-way stop. Do you see the jewel? What is the name of the bank in the northeast corner of this shopping area? It rhymes with the last name of the next jewel you are looking for, a very neat shop which contains liquid gold.

When you locate it, go in, look up for the third jewel (and thus the third box). Get assistance from the very friendly people in the shop.

By now you must be tired. Sit down with my friend, Joe. He’s been there guarding the box. He’d love your company and I know you’ll enjoy his!