Horizons Park Series (Box 2 replaced!)  LbNA # 26688

Placed DateOct 15 2006
LocationWinston-Salem, NC
Planted ByBissell's-in-Winston    
Found By Jedi 6
Last Found Jun 30 2010
Hike Distance?

Head North on Highway 52 towards Mount Airy. Take the Germanton Rd. exit. (exit 114) Turn left onto Germanton Road. Then turn right onto Memorial Industrial School Road. Enter Horizons Park to parking lot on the right.
***NOTE: Do not give up in finding the 4th box. It is hidden further away from the other boxes. This is our first letterbox placement so please e-mail us when you find the boxes.

Walk towards the playground. Let your kids stop and play on the playground. Now, look to the left of the playground and take a walk on the "Nature Trail". You will pass a picnic table on your right and keep walking. Walk straight and go around 2 curves following the path. When the path is straight again, look ahead and you will see a large tree trunk that looks like a duck head at the top. Walk to that tree and on the ground you will see what looks like used to be the top part of the duck head tree. Look where the tree makes a "Y" and at the crossing point is what you seek.
BOX 2-
Continue on your walk. When you come the "Loop A' trail (45 minutes) take that trail. (Brown & Yellow sign) Enjoy your walk but watch your step for lots of roots will cross your path. After walking for a little bit, you will see a sign that says "Loop A". Take about 34 regular steps and you will see a cut-off stump on your right. Looking into the woods at an angle, you will see the top part of the stump that was cut off. Follow that branch until it crosses over another fallen branch. At the crossing point is what you seek
Continue on the trail. Notice the peaceful quietness and enjoy the scenery. While walking, you will notice a small creek to your right and soon after you will cross a wooden bridge over it. Continue on. You will see another "Loop A" sign on your left. Walk about 45 regualr steps and look to your left. You will see a large tree growing out of the embankment of the creek. Turn and look to your right and there you will see a nice, long fallen log to sit and rest on. Between the tall tree and the fallen tree you will find what you are seeking.
Continue walking. When you come to a fork in the path, take the trail to the left which is Loop A (NO SIGN). Contiue on. Soon after, you will walk up 9 wooden steps and then root steps. Once the trail levels off, you will see a curved tree on the left side of the path which makes a good picture setting with kids. Contine walking up the trail and you will walk through a ditch. Watch your step for roots and stumps curving around and around. Eventually, you will come to another "Loop A" trail sign. You will see a short path to the right which leads to a field. Do not go into the field. Continue on the path and a little while after you will cross a bridge with rails and then another long bridge. Keep walking until you come to a row of posts that used to be a barbed wire fence. Walk uphill until you see a double tree stump on your right. Have a seat and look behind you for you will find what you are seeking. Enjoy your walk to the end of the trail and enjoy the park. Hope you had a lot of fun finding these letterboxes!!