Castle Letterbox  LbNA # 26691

Placed DateOct 25 2006
LocationPhoenix, AZ
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Easy Ė by the road side
Safe - not much traffic

At the intersection of 7th Street and Baseline Road, in Phoenix, head south on 7th Street.
Continue south on 7th past Dobbins (you will see a stop sign).
Go past smaller streets on the right La Mirada Drive, and Monte.
You are getting close when you see the traffic roundabout at the corner of Mineral Road and 7th Street.
Bear towards the left and you will see the sign to Mystery Castle.
You can park your car on the right side of the road, after you turn.
Walk along the left side. You will see two telephone poles standing near each other.
On the right, up high, there is a stone lion head formation staring down at you.
Far ahead is a huge water tank on the right, but thatís too far!
Continue on the left side past the two phone poles and you will see a sprawling palo verde tree by the side of the road before you get to the next phone pole.
For those letterboxers who are not from Arizona, the paloverde is the state tree. Itís trunk and thorny branches are green. It has yellow flowers in spring.
Go to the side of the paloverde away from the road.
Look under the tree. At the base of the trunk, a mini container is hidden below a pile of rocks.
Happy hunting. Please replace the box and its contents carefully.
Before you go home, check out the castle further down the road. Itís open Thursday-Sunday from 11 to 4 pm. October through May.