Matthew 5:5  LbNA # 26692 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 25 2006
LocationW 9th St and Avenue B, Bogalusa, LA
Found By Blackberry Patch
Last Found Aug 27 2008
Hike Distance?

The SCRIPTURE SERIES by The Karrottop Krew
Each box in this series has a stamp with a Bible scripture on it. Good Luck on your adventure and Happy Hunting!
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This box is located near the Avenue B ballpark in Bogalusa.

Matthew 5:5
From Ave. F (also known as Hwy 1075), go to Glynn’s Drive Inn. There, you will be on the corner of Ave F and West 10th St. Go East on West 10th and continue to the end, where the road forms a T at Ave D. Turn right on Ave D and go to a little dirt drive on the left that leads to the ballpark parking lot. Park in the parking lot.

Follow Southward along the fence until you see a withered pathway crossing a culvert. Cross the path and look South/Southwest for two trees growing close together on the edge of a stream. Stand between the two trees and you will find the box at eye level in the tree on your left.

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