Rest Day? (JABR, Day 5)  LbNA # 26709

OwnerKurious Jo    
Placed DateSep 30 2006
LocationJoseph, OR
Found By mamooshatoots
Last Found Oct 14 2012
Hike Distance?

Terrain: rugged
Distance of walk: 1 mi. rt
Wheel chair friendly: no
Hitchhiker friendly: if small
Recommended colors: one color stamp

Rest Day? - Just a Bike Ride Series, Day 5
This was Wednesday; their day off, and the cool rain fell on Wallowa Lake. A few cyclists were too restless to stay indoors so they donned their rain gear and rented paddle boats. They puttered around in the water and occasionally raced each other by peddling as hard as they could. They had peddled 230 miles in 5 days, this was their day off, it was raining and these fools were peddling around on the lake!

To read the continuing saga go to the clues for other boxes in the “Just a Bike Ride” Series.

Getting you Close:
Go to Wallowa Lake State Park. Deer are plentiful in the park. Please don’t feed them - it tends to make them aggressive.
Park SW of the marina. Go around the white granite boulder and up the trail. Look for the “V” tree. Walk 260 to gable logs. Sit on RH side. The box is in the nook in front of you.

To the Box:
PLEASE rehide so box is not visible from any angle. Sprinkling leaves on top of the rocks takes away the “fresh” look.

Hope you enjoyed the hunt. Since we don’t live in the area we can’t check on this box very often. We appreciate an update on its status.

Happy Trails!