1st Place  LbNA # 26722 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 21 2006
Location???, NY
Planted ByGroup A    
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 10 2006
Hike Distance?

“1st Place” ~ A Runner’s Tale
Once upon a time there was a boy who loved to run. He loved to run so much that he traveled to the city that was home to the National Distance Running Hall of Fame in order to train there for a big race they held each summer. Every spring runners from all over the city and neighboring villages and towns would get together on Wednesday evenings to run.
This city was unusual, fOr iN thE center of the cIty there were ski hills anD it wAs near theSe hills That RunnErs would gather to rEgisTer for their mid-week runs.
The boy was so excited to run that he quickly parked his car in a small black lot facing the hills and ski lift. He bounded out of his car and up a small rise to a field with a row of trees. He counted four trees from the right so that he would not forget where his car was parked.
He rested with his back against the tree for a moment, facing the corner of the building directly in front of him, to catch his breath. It felt like it was 114° out that day. Then he hurried onward to the second set of glass doors in the second building so that he could register to run.
Walking back outside after registering, he was faced with the majesty of the ski hills ahead and a winding concrete path on his left. Hurrying now, for he didn’t want to be late, he rushed along the path to a large black parking lot. Cutting quickly through the lot he again got tired and rested under the light of the third and last lamp post. Leaning his right shoulder on the post, he thought of how the 90° day was putting him to the test. But again he ran onward, stopping only briefly to rest in the shade of a great tree before continuing on to the starting line.
Unfortunately, when he got there, he realized that he had lost his shoe and could not run. It had fallen off in all his haste and he did not know where it was.
Four sad spectators were lined up to watch the race and it was near the second of the four (counting from the street) that he had stopped to rest last. Had he gone back to talk to her she would have told him knot to weep for she had found his shoe and was keeping it safe for him. Based on what I know of this story I believe you could help create a happy ending.
Perhaps, if you read through this sad tale, you could retrace his steps and find his shoe. Good luck. I know he would appreciate your help. And if you are in the area in late spring or early summer why not stop by and join the crowd on a Wednesday evening and enjoy a run?