Pooh on the Lakeshore - Little Brazil Lake  LbNA # 26741

Placed DateOct 29 2006
CountyNova Scotia, CAN
LocationYarmouth, NVA
Planted ByflyfishNS    
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Pooh on the Lakeshore - Little Brazil Lake

This cache/letterbox is located near the shores of Little Brazil Lake, Yarmouth County. The lake is located about 2o minutes drive from Yarmouth and is a popular summer destination with very good fishing and a very pretty “rails to trails” path leading along the lakeshore.

On a very blustery day, Pooh and his friends traveled to Little Brazil Lake as it reminded them of the Hundred Aker Wood. They went past the 6 pine trees (but found later they were actually spruce, a thing which confuses poor Pooh a lot), and noticed that there was a rather dangerous looking trap there, “perhaps a Heffalump trap” thought Pooh. They walked the old railroad track past a sandy pit, and then a place with big rocks and stones, and they feared they would see a bee tree, but didn’t. Finally, the adventurers went past a likely looking place for Rabbit. There, at the shores of the lake, was a large dead birch tree near a rather floody place (“just right” said Eeyore, who always likes the gloomy and rather sad places…) and this is where Pooh decided to stay as it looked like a rather nice place for a picnic, well nearby at least.

To find this cache drive Route 340 from Yarmouth toward Weymouth and continue until you reach Deerfield. As you go up a rather large hill, turn left onto Brazil Lake Road and drive another 3.5 miles (7 km) to the intersection with the Lake Annis Road. Turn Left on the Lake Annis Road, heading North, and drive .5 mile (1 km) to #133 and turn in this drive on the left. Stop and park when you reach the old railbed about 75 feet in (please do not drive vehicles on the railbed – this is supposed to be a walking/bike trail only…). Coordinates for parking are:
N 43 59.743 W 066 00.430
Walk Southwest along the tracks for .2 mile (.5 km) until you hit the far end of Little Brazil Lake and are near a little boat launch for canoes. The cache/letterbox with the Pooh stamp, a gift from the Scotians, in it is 90 feet SW of the launch – look for a dead birch stump and under the rest of the tree is the treasure. Please hide the cache/letterbox as you find it.

The Cache is a Geocache/Letterbox. The Letterbox is a smaller container in a separate baggie inside the main cache which holds the Pooh stamp, a notepad, ink and a pencil. Please leave the contents of the Letterbox intact, they are not for trading. The cache itself is in a camouflaged ammo can, and contained at placement the Letterbox and stamp, a pen, pencil and log book for you to record your visit, and trade items including among other things a CITO bag, a Green Ghost (it was almost Halloween…) trout fly, some kiddie swag and other treasures.