Time Traveller  LbNA # 26766

OwnerBaby Bear      
Placed DateOct 29 2006
LocationTomball, TX
Found By Open Space
Last Found Apr 29 2012
Hike Distance?

Distance to Mini-box: About 200 yards
Difficulty: Easy

Status of Mini-box: Can no longer reach the location due to new fence. I will try to get out there and see if can relocate box if still there.

The "Time Traveller" letterbox is located in a haunted cemetary west of Tomball Texas, named Salem Luthern Cemetary. Many founding fathers of the area are buried here, as you will see their names on street all around the area. Watch out for ghosts, as this cemetary is supposedly haunted!!!

From Hwy 249 north, to past Tomball and Hwy 2920. Left on Brown road (sign for Spring Creek park). Go past park and continue to end of road (road name changes to Lutheran Cemetary Rd). Park at end near gate.

To the Mini-box:
Walk through the gate on the left, down the sidewalk and enter the gate to the cemetary plots. Go to the far back North corner. Find the end of the high wooden fence. Locate the rail that runs to the end post, about 3 feet off the ground. Mini is sitting on top of this rail. This is all near grave of Gustav Scherer.