LD-1  LbNA # 26818 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 1 2006
CountyNew Castle
LocationNew Castle, DE
Found By Janila
Last Found Mar 21 2008
Hike Distance?

This is the first letter box I have ever placed!

Are you ready for an almost two and a half mile round-trip walk? (it is mostly on black top, no hills, with a nice view of the river.)

Head to historic Old New Castle in Delaware and park at the end of Delaware Avenue, near the start of the black top trail along the river. You'll notice mile markers on the right hand side along the path. Keep walking until you come to the 1 and 1/8th Mile marker. (At about 110 paces past the 7/8th mile marker you come to a fork in the path...be sure to stay to the left, along the river)

When you get to the 1 and 1/8 mile marker, stop and stand directly in front of it. Look to your right and ahead of you and you will see a tight grouping or circle of five skinny trees growing in the clearing. A little more ahead and to the right of these five trees is a large "island" of trees and brush growing in a rough oval shape. Walk around to the back of this "island" and directly behind it at the edge of the clearing you will find a small, rarely used path that leads off into the woods. (The start of this path is about 70 paces from that little group of five skinny trees.

When you find the small, rarely used path behind the "island" of trees, count off about 11 or 12 paces*. Now look left into the woods until you spy an approximately 3 foot long section of old rail road tie. (square brown log) It is about 7 paces off the trail.

The letter box is under this railroad tie. When you are finished, please make sure the railroad tie is visible from the trail, but the box is not.

Thanks and have fun!

*If you get to the small, steep hill on the right hand side of the path, you have gone about 2 paces too far!