Let's go fishing!  LbNA # 26845

Placed DateNov 3 2006
LocationOswego, IL
Planted ByMama Llama    
Found By Nitrocat & Kittens
Last Found Nov 25 2006
Hike Distance?

This is my first planted letterbox and can be found within Waubonsie Park. While down here, you may want to look for fossils in the limestone, including Tentaculites oswegoensis from the Ordovician Period (ca. 510-445 million years ago). It was discovered in and named for Oswego.

Be careful if you visit after heavy rains, the creek level will be high, the path will be slippery and the walk will be muddy. This is a “guppy” friendly letterbox, but use caution when descending the rock path.

Fishing is allowed, but you won't catch everything listed in the clues.

Bring your own ink.
*** Status of this box is unknown as this area flooded heavily this spring. 05/25/2007
Start by remembering veterans who have served our country.
Stand so the American flag pole, the eternal flame and the “rudd” are behind you.

“Lookdown (fish)” to your right for a wooden rail fence. Follow the descending rock path.
Make like a “salmon” and find the rectangle rock. You may be “mudskipper”-ing to find it.

“Perch” yourself on the rectangle rock and look for the two thin trees that form a V. The letterbox is hidden in the “plaice” framed by the branch hanging diagonally and the V.

Stay on the grassy area and away from the water’s edge.

You will see the roots of a large fallen tree. Next to it and parallel to the water is a second fallen tree. Your catch is packed like a “sardine” under this second tree. Don’t let it get away!