It's A Mystery!  LbNA # 26878

Placed DateNov 3 2006
CountyEl Paso
LocationColorado Springs, CO
Found By Goldmine
Last Found Jul 9 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 4 2015

10/3/15 Box is is place, even with all the new changes here, and is ready to go!

A box that’ll keep you warm & dry, just in time for nasty weather.

I’m in a place with lots of books,
You can find me if you look.
I’m not in the north, south, or west
Remember that borrowing, not buying, is the best.
Find an author with initials J.E.,
She likes to write the mysteries.
Books numbered one through twelve
Is where you need to search and delve.
Look down beneath, and way down low
Your treasure you will find below.

Permission has been obtained for the placing of this box. You’re looking for a magnetic Altoids box. Please be discreet—muggles abound! You may want to take the box to a different location for stamping in, and then return it to the exact location so that others may also find it. There are several semi-private areas nearby that would be useful for this. No inkpad or pen in the box; please bring your own. Red ink might be a good color… Enjoy!

Let me know of finds, or if the log is full.