Tom Sawyer adventure  LbNA # 26907 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 5 2006
LocationMount Vernon, IA
Found By the geezees
Last Found Nov 12 2006
Hike Distance?

Park at the east parking lot at the Quarry in Mount Vernon. Start your hike at the steamboat. Head south on the trail and take 40 steps. Turn towards the water and take 40 more steps. Find the cave where Tom and Becky got lost (look for a set of four rocks, the cave is small). The first letterbox is hidden in Tom and Becky's cave.
Head back to the trail and continue south. At the fork in the trail, take the low road. At the TRAIL sign turn towards the water and take 27 steps. Skip a rock across the water. Turn around and to your right find a log that Tom could have used to build his raft. Tom built a raft to run away from Becky at school. At the base of the log you will find box #2. Continue around the quarry. At the next fork in the trail take the high road. The trail will take you all the way around the water. When you reach the fallen tree on the left side of the trail by the green post, turn to the right and head down the steps. Cross one bridge and then stop on the second bridge and look out at the island where Tom , Joe and Huck took their raft to get away from school. After enjoying the long look at the island, come around the front of the bridge and you will find the final box under the right side of the bridge. Follow the trail back to the parking lot.