fairy stones and old bones  LbNA # 26921 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerthe dane mistress    
Placed DateNov 2 2006
LocationI65 exit 318 Northbound, Falkville, AL
Found By Wild Dreams
Last Found May 25 2007
Hike Distance?

difficulty level: easy

While driving north on I65, in Northern Alabama, here's a quick sidestop you can make. Pull off the highway on exit ramp 318. Halfway down the ramp, pull over to the inside (left). Park your car between the first two reflector posts, with the nose of your car just short of the 31-31 sign, and well out of the way of traffic. The exit ramp forms a "V" shape with the highway. All ramps do, but this one has a mown grassy area with a thin copse of trees at the top of it. Step out of your car and walk straight up the hill toward the single tree that stands slightly away from all the others. To the left of this tree is the point at which you'll enter the stand. As you enter these woods, tread softly, so that you don't wake those who are "sleeping". The first thing you'll notice is you are in "Wilhite country", the second is the "stones" you must skirt to reach your quarry. With your back to your car, and facing the interstate, you will see a tree straight ahead, standing alone amidst the trees. At the foot of this tree, you'll see a stone box with a broken lid. That is what you are seeking. Hannah and Newton will flank your path if you follow the wild animal trail. Two thirds of the lid are still in place. The other third is in several pieces. The letterbox is hidden under the largest of these pieces with the fragments completing the concealment. Please hide the letterbox carefully when you are through.
When you finish with the letterbox, you might want to while away a few extra minutes paying your respects to some of the old, forgotten souls.