Echo Gecko  LbNA # 26922

OwnerBen and Kaidy    
Placed DateNov 5 2006
LocationNorth Conway, NH
Found By Team P"aaaargh"agios
Last Found Oct 17 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 29 2015

Difficulty: VERY EASY!!!!

Driving Directions: From Route 16 in North Conway, turn onto River Road. Follow the road until you get to the intersection to West Side Road. Turn onto West Side Road. Follow the signs to Echo Lake State Park. If the gate is closed, you can park outside the gate. There is a fee to enter the park during the summer.

This letterbox was formerly called Gecko Chase and was hidden in a park in Florida. After a hurricane caused damage to the park, Seamaiden asked us to plant this letterbox in New Hampshire.

Begin at Echo Lake State Park. Stand on the beach facing the ledges. Walk counter clockwise along the beach shore. You will end up on a yellow blazed trail going around the lake. There are many side trails. Please be sure that you stay on the trail closest to the lake and that the lake remains on your left. Just over a 1/4 way around the lake you will see a sign for the Bryce Path. Continue on the trail around the lake. After the junction with the Bryce path, look for the 1st tree on your right with a yellow blaze. There is a fallen tree trunk. Your prize is hidden along this trunk. Please rehide well. This is a well traveled trail, especially during the summer months.