The Montrose Indian "LETTER" box  LbNA # 26928

Placed DateNov 6 2006
LocationMontrose, CO
Planted Bytraveling girl    
Found By TellurideThomas
Last Found Feb 28 2008
Hike Distance?

The Montrose Indian "LETTER" box

Take Townsend to Oak Grove and round the corner to Rio Grand, pass 35 and make a left before the bike Xing.

Drive and park where a game is played with U's and won by who ever is closest to the I's

Take a walk down by the river till you meet a T

X over the bridge

walk to the Y (heed the warning)

look on ahead

follow the Z in the road

Look up above and be aware of the flying O's

continue ahead and take the U

up above through the beaming I's

straight ahead follow the fence along the ridge to the W? M?

at the right leg of this "LETTER" you will find a pile of rocks and hidden

underneath is the Montrose Indian

Stamp and Re hide well.

This park has a great playground affectionately know as the dinosaur park, a pond and a stream, great for a day out. I planted this with a 2,5 and 8 year old and we are all very interested in its condition please contact me with any news. This is my first plant and my second carving.