Salt Fork Lodge  LbNA # 26933

OwnerGranny Butterfly    
Placed DateNov 5 2006
LocationCambridge, OH
Planted BySafari Man      
Found By doublewing
Last Found Jul 31 2015
Hike Distance?

Salt Fork Lodge

Find the clues at the above link.
Its kid and pet friendly with a 30 high hill and a walk of about 160 steps down and 160 back up on a paved but rough path.

Glenn/Safari Man was the ploanter of this letterbox.
He passed away November 30, 2013 after a bout with cancer. You can find a link to his Tribute p[age to learn about him by going to the clue link above and following to the bottom of the page.

Maintenance was done 2/23/2014. It is active and has been on the trail exactly as Safari Mn placed it since 2006.