McCook House  LbNA # 26944

OwnerSafari Man      
Placed DateNov 5 2006
LocationCarrollton, OH
Found By TigerLuv
Last Found Oct 14 2012
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: Drive by in the cemetery
Time: ~ (approx.) 10 minutes walking and stamping. Please bring your stamp, a stamp pad, compass, pen and an old rag to wipe off the pouch/your hands.

Find town square in Carrollton where Rt. 39 intersects with Rt. 332 and take 332 south and you will run right into the McCook House. For more information on this famous family and dwelling check out this link:

Continue past the McCook house on 332 to 4th street and turn left (east) and follow 4th to the cemetery. After entering the cemetery stay straight, passing the flag and Veteran Memorial and continue straight. At the T go right and then immediately left. follow the road to the right bend and go 1/2 the way to the next right bend. At the half way point look north for the row of twin bushes and get in line with them. Turn around and look south for a large tree in line with the twin bushes and head over there. The last marker stones before the tree are Lawrence and King. Your quest is behind the tree under rocks (the fence in this area has been down quite a while and I hope it stays down for easy access to the tree). Unobserved, retrieve the letterpouch and go to your car for a good place to stamp in. After stamping, please place the log book in one baggie and seal it well, then place that baggie and the stamp in the other baggie and seal it well. This should protect the log book from moisture if the baggies are not punctured and since the pouch is not water proof, the sealed baggies are of utmost importance. Replace the stuff in the pouch and unobserved, please replace the pouch back behind its tree and replace the rocks to hide it. I hope you will let me know the condition of the letterbox and any other constructive comments you might have and if you have a chance and its open, check out the McCook house.