Outdoor Fun  LbNA # 26946

Placed DateNov 7 2006
CountyNew Castle
LocationNewark, DE
Found By Nairon
Last Found Feb 21 2017
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Outdoor Fun

This fun letterboxing adventure is brought to you from our family to yours. The boxes are located in the Carpenter Recreation Area of the White Clay Creek State Park. This is the area off of Rte. 896 where they host the summer concert series. A fee is in effect from May to October 31. There is ample parking, a playground, restrooms, and a picnic pavilion. The walk is about 1 mile and is very easy. Have fun!

From the parking lot, walk to the back of the band shell. From the handicap parking spot, follow the unpaved road down the hill. You will come to a metal pump on your left. Stop and face the pump. There is a bird house up the hill to the left of the pump. Go to the bird house (bird house #6). With the tree line to your left at the pump at your back, follow the tree line as it bears right down the hill. As you reach the bottom of the hill, there will be a trail on your left. You will immediately see two metal posts. Stop at the first post on your left. On your right, across from the post , is a fallen log. There you will find the first box, “Buzz Buzz”.

After you carefully replace “Buzz Buzz”, you will see another post with a bicycle on it. Follow this path downhill to the right. Cross the wooden bridge and continue up the hill. Stop at a tree that has a sign with a red line crossing out a bicycle. From the tree, take 25 adult steps (or 35-40 kid steps). At this intersection, continue straight. Do not turn off to the left. Continue straight over another bridge and up the hill past a tree that says “Cindy + Steve”. At the top of the hill the path bears right. On your right is a tree that says “Rich” and “Beth”. Stop here and look up the hill to your right. There is a tree shaped like a “Y” or a tuning fork. Go to that tree. Here you will find the “Pines” box .

After you carefully replace “Pines”, go back down the hill to rejoin the path. Continue ahead. You will pass trail markers 6A and 7 on your right. The path bears left down the hill. Continue down the set of wooden steps and over another bridge. Continue along the path with the creek on your right, past trail marker 10 on the left. Stop at the next trail marker on the left (11A facing backwards). Take 10 adult paces (about 13 kids paces) up the hill. Turn left at the fork in the trail. There will be wooden steps leading up a hill. Stop at the third wooden step. Look to your left for a tree that has a hole at the bottom. Here you will find the last box, “Dragonfly”.

After you carefully replace “Dragonfly”, continue up the hill and follow the tree line on the right with the field to your left. You will come to a post with a blue square on it. Take a left onto the road. At the intersection of the next trail, either go straight (to the field with the playground) or right (to the parking lot).