Towsley Canyon Letterbox  LbNA # 26951 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 6 2006
CountyLos Angeles
LocationSanta Clarita, CA
Planted ByParrrot Head jmo    
Found By PeterK
Last Found Jan 6 2007
Hike Distance?

11/20/07 Update: This box has gone missing. I think fires and floods did the trick. Hopefully I will recarve soon as I loved this stamp.

This box was placed on my birthday when I took the day off from work!

The Santa Clarita Valley is a huge suburban community that keeps growing and growing. Everywhere you look there is more houses, more cars, more traffic and more mountains being cut up to build even more houses. It is very sad, especially for someone like me who grew up in a town of less than 1,000 people.

But I do have an escape that I make when I need to get out and pretend I don't live in the city. It is a wonderful place where all the people I've run into are friendly and when I turn my back to the freeway I can actually not see any houses or traffic or anything that screams "I'm in a hurry in my Hummer to get to Starbucks!" One day this summer my family and I did the larger of the two main trails and we actually saw over 10 different kinds of animals, not counting domesticated canines! Enough of my ranting, here are the clues.

Make your way to Ed Davis Park/Towsley Canyon which is on the Old Road. You can exit the I5 on Calgrove and head West. When you arrive at the park you have two options, park outside the main gate for free, or drive furthur in and pay the iron ranger $3 to park a little bit closer!

As you walk in head past the first trail head signs (on your left) and keep going up towards the ranger station and nature center. When you approach the ranger station you need to veer right a little bit and follow the trail signs on a roped off dirt road. You are taking the Towsley View Loop Trail.

Continue on this road past an old damn and through a creek/river wash. In the spring and summer there can be a lot of water here. Continue following the trail and after a while you will reach a part of the trail known as The Narrows. This is my favorite part of the hike as the trail follows along creekside and the rock walls reach up high.

Just as you come around the corner and enter the narrows you will see on your left hand side a unique rock formation sticking out of the edge of the rock mountains that looks sort of like steps. Follow this down to the ground and look about a foot away from the mountain and you will see a pile of rocks. The letterbox is under this pile.

If you are entering the narrows and you get to an old rusted pipe in the creek, you have gone to far.

Directions and a trail map are avialable at the folling link:

After finding the box you can continue on for about another 4.5 miles for a great hike, or turn around and walk back for a pleasant walk.

Happy hunting!