Waters in Minnesota: How to Climb Water.  LbNA # 26977

Placed DateNov 5 2006
LocationMinneapolis, MN
Found By the ingalls
Last Found Nov 2 2008
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This is a reset as of September 13, 2008.
1. Webber Park in Camden neighborhood.
2. East end of parking lot, downhill to path nearest the creek, walk south-southeast, toward the sound of a waterfall.
3. Pause to enjoy man-made waterfall when you get to it. Best time of year is in the spring, if you want to learn how to climb water. The carp swim up-stream and attempt to jump up the waterfall. Very impressive to watch.
4. On to box... Continue on path, walking under 1st bridge, then over 1st wooden walking bridge.
5. Path will take you through 2 tunnel-bridges as you continue walking east, towards the Mississippi river.
6. Continue past the 2nd wooden walking bridge, which will be on your right-hand side.
7. The path you are on will reach an intersection with another path. At the center of the intersection, look ahead approximatly 100 feet to spot a stand of 14 trees growing together.
8. Go to the creek-side of the trees. (The creek enters the Mississippi about another 100 feet down.)
9. The box is hidden under a bunch of branches and leaves at the hollow of two of the trees.
10. Please be discreet. The paths are well-used. Please be sure to cover the box well and re-hide COMPLETELY.