Placed DateNov 9 2006
LocationAshland, MO
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?


CONFIRMED IN PLACE: DEC 9, 2010, both boxes, although the false stump has been replaced with an broken concrete urn/planter.

CLUE UPDATED 5/1/7: Read the information below then click on the link above for the rest of the clue:

This box was planted 11-9-06 as part of the bonus for attending the Fall 2006 Mid-Mo Letterbox Arts & Crafts Gathering. Advance clues to the box were given out at the Gathering with the added bonus that participants have one month to decipher and find the box before I posted the clues here on LBNA. For those of you who did not attend the Gathering, the clues to the box have been posted at http:/ Check out the May 2007 listings.
The Gathering consisted of a number of workshops including book-binding, paper aging and stamp carving. Because this box was planted as part of the cipher workshop, it includes four different ciphers to decode before finding the box. As an additional challenge, I did not explain which four ciphers I used; you must figure that out as part of the decoding process.
Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I was unable to teach the workshop, but I did provide handouts of the lesson plan. It includes information on when to encrypt or not encrypt a box, how to recognize the two main kinds of ciphers (substitution and transposition), examples of different ciphers and tips for solving them including a list of 100+ common words used in letterboxing, and several practice ciphers to text your deciphering skills. If you wish a copy of the lesson plan to be e-mailed to you, whether or not you attended the Gathering, please request a copy via the contact the placer link. A copy of the lesson plan may be quite helpful in solving clues to this and other boxes in Mid-Missouri and elsewhere.

Prior to the end of the Civil War, Boone County had one of the state’s largest slave populations. This box honors an often over-looked part of Boone County history: the story of African-American slaves after emancipation and how they managed to form a community mostly on rocky, hilly land that no one else wanted.

When hunting for the box, I advise that you do so during daylight hours but probably not on Sunday, unless it is late in the day. Also, please use extreme discretion and search for the box only if no other cars are in the parking lot. Otherwise, you’ll likely attract too much attention, and risk the box’s removal from the premises. Permission has not been asked for or given for this box. In addition to the clues on the link, you may need one additional clue to pinpoint the box’s location: It is written below using the Halfway or Midpoint Cipher (i.e., A=N, B=O, C=P, etc).

Click on the link at the begining of this listing and check out the May 2007 posts (you may have to search through the archives).


Happy hunting, BE DISCREET, and when re-hiding, make sure NO PART OF THE BOX is visible. The more visible the box, the higher the risk of damage due to accidental discovery, vandalism, forces of nature or animal mischief.