uno  LbNA # 27011

Placed DateNov 10 2006
Locationkilgore, TX
Found By Brasil Nuts
Last Found Apr 5 2008
Hike Distance?


The kids are having fun experimenting with pig latin, so...

1. omfra endersonHa aketa 259.

2. urnta eftla onto arrisHa. oGa a ewfa ocksbla.

3. urnta eftla into etha eteran'sVa onumentMa.

4. oGa ota etha onumentma - urnta around, acefa etha eetstra.

5. oga ota etha ourthfa igba ockra - attha inesla etha entrance. ouya illwa indfa it.

We don't want to give anyone a headache, so here it is!

1. From Henderson, take 259.

2. Turn left onto Harris. (Street right across from the Hospital.) Go a few blocks.

3. Turn left into the Veteran's Monument.

4. Go to the actual monument - Please notice the names -turn around and face the street.

5. Go to the fourth big rock that lines the entrance. You will find it.

Please rehide it well with the smaller rocks so that it can't be seen from a distance. Nothing else is around it to help keep it hidden. :) Thanks!