Riverton Trolley  LbNA # 27040 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerHappy Daze    
Placed DateNov 11 2006
LocationPortland, ME
Found By Jiffy
Last Found Apr 13 2008
Hike Distance?

Once you find the sign for this park. Enter the Baseball Field area on the left and park near the sign. Take the path which is to the right of the sign, follow around and down till you come to the sandpile.

***Warning, while walking becareful of the mud, which is covered by the leaves in many places, expecially around the boardwalks***

Take a right and follow the path, you will see a bench on the left, keep going till you see a big tree stump in front of you. To the left you will take the set of steps, down to the next path area.

At the "Please" sign, take right and follow the path to your first boardwalk. After the boardwalk follow the path around to the left to the second boardwalk. After that boardwalk, go around to the left and you will come to another "Please" sign. Take a right up the hill and look for a rotted stump on right.

Stop there, and look to your left and see a tree that is down, walk towards that tree.

At this tree look down to your left and you will see a big rotted tree, inside this tree you will find the trolley, covered with bark.

Please rehide well, and make sure the box does fall down into the tree.

Happy hunting!!