MT: Biking  LbNA # 27080

Placed DateNov 12 2006
LocationNashville, TN
Found By dusty trail
Last Found Jul 21 2013
Hike Distance?

****Orchid is missing, but Bird of Paradise is OK****

To get to HC Rec Area, from downtown Nashville take 1-40 east 5 miles to exit 219 Stewarts Ferry Pike, right on Stewarts Ferry Pike, straight on Bell Rd. 3 miles, left at HC Park entrance sign. The trail is located at the end of the first road to the right. Study the map to this Mountain Biking Trail, and start out to the right of the trail map.

MT: Bird of Paradise - Joyful
Shortly you will come to a ladder see saw. Walk across the ladder see saw. (If the ladder see saw is gone, it was at the point in which a double trunked cedar tree is in the middle of the trail.) Continue 40 steps then see a 4 trunked cedar tree about 5 steps off the path on your right. The box is in the middle of these trunks.

MT: Orchid - Precious
Continue on the trail maybe 1/2 mile from the trail head, reach a point that must be the start of the rock garden, where the trail starts turning back (from studying the map). On the right side of the trail see 3 big trees real close together in a line... a cedar tree sandwich. There is a rusted fence beside it. Look in the roots of the thickest tree in the back of the sandwich. If you get to the point where big knee high boulders line the path.. you have past this letterbox.