Foley the Forward City  LbNA # 27085 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 12 2006
LocationFoley, AL
Planted Bymamre    
Found By tiffymags
Last Found May 18 2010
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These boxes are currently missing.

Foley is known as the “Forward City”. The town of 12,000 is a mini-metropolis offering all the amenities of a large city life but keeping the small-town neighborliness. The 2 boxes are located in the downtown area. It’s not a difficult walk-perfect for elementary aged or preschool children. Plus, there are several interesting things to stop and see along the way. There are some great spots for picnics too.

Box #1: L&N (This box was missing but has been replaced 28 Sept 2009) Begin your search at the Heritage Park Pavilion. This is a nice place to park on East Violet Street, just off Hwy 59 (behind the John B. Foley Park). On the right (west side) of the pavilion is a side walk that’s part of the bike path. Follow this down (south) to the Train Depot Museum.

The first depot was built on this site in 1905 when the Louisville & Nashville Railroad Line came to Foley. The railroad was once known as the Bay Minette and Fort Morgan Railroad. At that time, logging was an important industry in this area and the railroad was built to help move the timber out of the area.

In 1971, word was received that L & N was going to discontinue service to Foley and would destroy the building. John Snook, owner of Gulf Telephone Company bought the building for $1.00. He cut the depot and the freight area into two parts and moved them to Magnolia Springs. There it stayed for approximately twenty-four years and served as storage for Gulf Telephone. In the early nineties, Mr. Snook deeded the depot back to the city of Foley. In 1995, it was returned to the original site and renovations were begun to make the depot into a museum for the city. Admission is free and the hours are Monday- Friday, 10-4. Children are allowed to climb on the trains outside too.

Continue following the sidewalk in front of the depot (to the east). Just past the depot you'll see a train crossing sign/light. If you stand directly in front of and facing this sign you'll see some low bushes to your left (north). This is where you'll find the box.

Box #2 Tea Rose`

Keep walking along the sidewalk, all the way back to the Heritage Park Pavilion. While standing in the parking area, look to the north side of the street. You’ll see the bike path. Cross the street and follow this path. This is where the original railroad tracks ran.

Along the path are all kinds of beautiful roses, azaleas, trees and other flowers. Plus there are lots of places to stop and picnic. This is the perfect spot for nature journaling. It’s nice and peaceful. You'll cross over one more street.

You’ll pass a black bench on your right. Next will be a row of azalea bushes along a wooden fence. This is also on your right (east). When the fence ends, look to your left (west). There’s another black bench. Face this bench. On the left side of the bench is a bush, up against the sidewalk. Look in the center for the box.

When you’re finished, go visit the beautiful gazebo just down the path.