Cones  LbNA # 27092 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 12 2006
LocationHobe Sound, FL
Planted Byfullofjoy    
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Level of difficulty: Easy

Plan a trip to Jonathan Dickinson State Park. Enter the park and follow the signs to the canoeing and picnic/pavillion area. Definitely bring your sunscreen, and possibly bugspray as well, depending on the time of year. No inkpad, so bring your own!

Park in the parking lot at the picnic area and go in. Play on the swings for a few minutes before continuing to the concession/canoe rental shop. Go in and rent one, then take a ride down the river. Be sure to take a turn down Kitching creek for a lovely peaceful ride.

Once you’ve returned your canoe, come out of the shop and go around behind the concession shop like you’re going to get a life jacket, but go to the little path to the right. Follow it to the swimming area. Find a good table and eat the picnic you packed or cook some burgers on one of the provided grills. Have yourself a swim!

When you’ve had enough, continue past the swimming area on the trail that follows the water-line. Head straight toward the big dead pine tree and steer to the right of it–close to the water’s edge. Follow the narrow path. Climb over the fallen tree that you’ll come to, which blocks your way. Isn’t this fun? Once you’re over the tree, go about 45-46 paces (one pace = two steps). On your right, you should see a skinny dead pine tree which slants toward the water. Go around it and stand with your back to it so you’re facing the water. Take about 5 steps into the brush and look down to your left. Cones should be there under some palmetto fronds.

Now that you’re done, go back to one of the little areas you passed that open up to the water and climb down to look for some sand crabs.

Stop and take your picture on the roots of the very cool “spaghetti tree” before climbing back over the fallen tree.

On your way out of the park stop at the observation tower and have a look around. Maybe you’ll have a run-in with Wolfy.

If you're really adventurous you can stay for the night in the campground. It's tons of fun!

Hope you’ve had a fun day at the park!