Chicken Little  LbNA # 27097 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBeach Gardens Academ    
Placed DateNov 11 2006
LocationWichita, KS
Found By Cardinal Girl
Last Found Oct 16 2007
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 26 2015

In a quest to see if the sky is falling in chicken land we headed to SWANSON Park and started our venture. Then we get a little corny and ask "Why did the chicken cross the bridge?"

But of course to get to the other side. Once on the otherside the chicken is a little tired and feels a need to rest. Instead of walking any further. Chicken spys a fallen tree. Which of course, supports his belief the sky is falling. Or at least the leaves are. Have a seat and quiet respite. If you are there in the autumn enjoy listening to the rustle of leaves. If you feel inclined reach behind yourself there at the base of where this magnificent tree once grew and find our little nest. Please be sure to nestle Chicken Little back into his nest, covered and disguised for the next poor misguided hunter who believes the sky is falling as well.