Laura in the Big Woods  LbNA # 27116

OwnerThe Red Cat    
Placed DateNov 13 2006
LocationPepin, WI
Found By walkingstick
Last Found Jul 28 2012
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Laura in the Big Woods

**4/12/09-The logbook is down to about 10 blank pages. I didn't have a new logbook on me, so I would be much obliged to anyone who would be willing to add a new logbook to the box. There's still plenty of room on the backs of pages.**

"Once upon a time...a little girl lived in the Big Woods of Wisconsin, in a little gray house made of logs." (Little House in the Big Woods)

The little gray house is long gone and the woods have thinned out a bit, but if you head east on Highway CC, you can see a new log house and the old Ingalls land where Pa farmed and Laura was born and spent some of her early years.

Once you have finished looking around the little wayside, stand in the doorway of the cabin and find 240 degrees. Take seventeen steps. You'll find Laura nestled under a branch near the bottom and some leaves.

Please remember to rehide well (meaning under leaves and under the branch)!