Monster's End  LbNA # 27139 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 12 2006
LocationGilbert, AZ
Found By mcfarlandfamily
Last Found Jan 2 2011
Hike Distance?


After you have found the Happy Gila Letterbox - you will want to find this one to give him a "tail". It is very close by. Easy hike, dogs and kids will love the area. It is a mini LB, so bring your own pen and ink pad..........

After stamping the Happy Gila, get back on the cement path and go to the other end of the curvy bench. See the lightpost? Count it as lightpost #1 and keep walking down the trail until you come to light post #5. Turn left onto the gravel path and walk just about 50 steps and look to the left. See two big boulders and a tall birdhouse? If so, you are there....between these two boulders are a few smaller rocks and monster's end is in there. ..dig him up - he is buried there. When you stamp in, try to line up the head of Happy Gila and tail of Monster's End. Cover back very well and be discreet. The last monster's end disappeared (or crawled away)