Old Mill  LbNA # 27140

Placed DateNov 14 2006
LocationGreensboro, NC
Found By Bamboo
Last Found Apr 3 2009
Hike Distance?

**This letterbox was reported to have been taken home by a fellow letterboxer. Please Return this letterbox to me or to it's original location. I emailed you my address and haven't heard from you. This stamp was handcrafted and other letterboxers are missing out**

This letterbox is hidden at the Old Mill of Guilford. You can find the Old Mill online at http://www.oldmillofguilford.com/ If you'd like, bring a picnic lunch and enjoy the beautiful outdoors! The Old Mill is in Oak Ridge, NC four miles north of the Piedmont Triad International Airport. To get there you take Hwy 68. If coming from Greensboro/High Point side of 68 you will travel North on 68. If coming from the Virginia side of 68 you will travel South on 68. Travelling north on 68, the road will become 2 lanes. You continue to travel north on 68. You will go straight on 68 and go through the light at the Alcorn intersection. You will go up and down a big hill. On the left you will see a white sign that says Old Mill of Guilford. Turn your right signal on, be careful this is a dangerous intersection. The Old Mill is on the right. If you are coming from the north and heading south on 68, you will go straight on 68 and pass straight through the 150 and 68 intersection at the Oak Ridge Military Academy. Stay straight and go down the big hill. You will pass Old Mill Homesteads on the right. The Old Mill is just ahead on the left. Pull in and park in front of the Old Mill. Get out of the car and check out the creek (but don't go over the pipe) look across the highway at the beautiful waterfall. Now, walk in front of the porch at the parking lot to the side of the Old Mill building. Go down the stone steps. Look straight ahead. See the double wagon wheel gate? Go through it. Walk directly behind the right wheel. There you will see a large crack where the rock and concrete wall separate. Feel right on top of that crack. There are vines and leaves covering the letterbox. You can go to the picnic table and stamp the letterbox. The stamp in the letterbox is our first handmade stamp that I made. When you are finished be sure to put the contents inside the ziploc bag before you place them in the box, then put it in the box back in the other bag. Make sure that you hide it back in the same spot and hide it well so that no one sees it. It is secret and no one but letterboxers knows that it is there. I asked if we could walk around the grounds and was told that was fine as long as we did not go over the pipe or cross the creek at any point and not to go to the house. There are two barns and if they have them open you can take a look inside. After you finish letterboxing, go up to the mill and look on the outside wall under the covered porch. You can read some interesting facts about the mill. Then go inside the mill and look around. Very neat old grinding things and such. They also have a mill store where you can find lots of yummy goodies, natural soaps and neat gifts. Have fun on your hunt! On your way out, please be careful as you pull out onto 68.