Bat Home  LbNA # 27150

Placed DateNov 15 2006
LocationGreenville, SC
Planted ByLet It Snow    
Found By Scout MOM
Last Found Sep 18 2010
Hike Distance?

(Note, June 2007. This box was found laying out on the trail and has been kindly taken in for maintenance by Let It Snow).

August 2007 - We have fixed up Bat Home and it has been placed in its' original spot at Paris Mountain State Park.

This letterbox is placed at Paris Mountain state park.
Standing in front of the old bath house facing Lake Placid take the Lake Placid Trail to the left. Follow it around and over the bridge till it intersects with the Mountain Creek Trail where you will turn to the left. Follow along the trail but keep an eye out for the bat houses. You will see the first one on the right side of the trail just after you get on the Mountain Creek Trail. You'll come to a Y intersection where you want to bear to the right. On down the trail you'll come to the amphitheater which will be on your right. Across from the far corner of the amphitheater you'll see the second bat house on your left. Keep going. When you come to a big dip in the trail you'll know you on the right track. You can either take the dip or take the log bridge going across the dip. You will eventually come to a concrete stepping stone where sometimes the water goes under it and sometimes it goes over it. There if you look to your right you'll see what looks like a small dam. From the stepping stone take 12 paces (1 pace equals 2 steps) to where a faint trail takes off to the right that will take you up to the left side of a mound of dirt about 3 to 4 feet high. Turn right and go to the tree at the nearest (southwest) corner of the pond. At this tree set your compass on 300 degrees and walk 9 paces to the tree with a Y at the top. There you will find the third Bat Home in some rocks at the base of that tree. Bat Home can be easily retrieved by removing the leaf litter from behind the rocks.