great jorb  LbNA # 27190

Placed DateNov 17 2006
Locationlexington, KY
Planted Bytwistedspokes    
Found By The Little Foxes
Last Found Dec 29 2006
Hike Distance?

great jorb is located in raven's run nature sanctuary. to get there, take tates creek (1974) south, go left on spears (1975 N), then take a right on jack's creek. it will be 1.5 miles down on the left. park in the visitor's lot.

take the blue trail to the nature center where you can sign in and get a map. go north past the barn to start the trail. at the first crossroads you get to, head east on the red trail. the trail will double back. at checkpoint A, make sure you check out the limestone kiln. after you've seen enough, head East. at checkpoint B, keep heading East. at checkpoint C, head East. are you noticing a trend? eventually, you will come to a beautiful overlook of the ketucky river. not quite the gorge, but it'll do. i originally planned to have the box hidden in the overlook, but just too many people are always there. please be inconspicuous. stand at the tip of the overlook. now, backtrack the way you came about 47 steps. you will notice a short trail on your right that goes to a smaller look out point. you will notice that this little overlook seems to be made of 3 slabs of rock. sit on the 2nd slab with your feet on the even lower 3rd slab. look around 180 degrees to your right. you will notice that the first rock/slab overhangs just a bit. you're prize is underneath the overhang. BE CAREFUL WHEN GETTING THE BOX. YOU COULD FALL VERY EASILY. DON'T LET YOUR KIDS DO IT!!!! good luck. this isn't so much a letterbox as it is a 'dangerbox.' have fun, be careful.

raven's run has goofy hours:

i wonder if anyone got the reference?