Strong Poison  LbNA # 27206 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerDaisy and Onslow    
Placed DateNov 18 2006
CountyFort Bend
LocationNeedville, TX
Found By debntodd
Last Found Nov 10 2011
Hike Distance?

Placed at the beginning of Thanksgiving break, 2006, during a family outing, by Daisy, Onslow, Violet, and Rose.

Originally created for The Great Book Adventure gathering in Tomball, TX, October 2006, Strong Poison now resides in Brazos Bend State Park. Perhaps an appropriate setting, since the park is a refuge not only for the American Alligator, but untold species of poisonous spiders, snakes, and who knows what other kinds of dangerous critters? You're taking your life in your hands to brave this park, but what are a few lethal creatures to an intrepid boxer like yourself?

So, watch out! To find Strong Poison, proceed from the park entrance to the 40-Acre Lake parking lot. The hike/bike trail that loops around the lake starts from the restroom/playground/picnic area. You could begin the trail by either going left or right if you're looking at the restrooms. You'll probably want to make the entire loop to find all the boxes on this trail. Strong Poison is most easily found if you make the right-hand choice--the trail begins just below the playground, if you're facing the restrooms/lake. It comes out of the woods between the playground and the road.

As you go down this trail, you'll be looking for a HUGE--we're talking Middle-Earth size here--light-colored felled tree that will be on your right. (Obviously, on your left if you started the trail from the opposite direction and have gone all the way around the lake.) Just across the path from this monster are two fallen tree logs, much smaller. The smaller of those two, on the right, is where you'll find Strong Poison, hidden on the back side of the log, in a vee, under a sleeve of bark. It's also a prime hiding place for critters that bite or sting, so sacrifice a stick before your hand. I read someplace that snake fangs won't penetrate a good stiff pair of gloves but I wouldn't want to test that theory myself.

This is a high-traffic area both for hikers and bikers, so please be discreet and PLEASE rehide well, as the box is just off the trail.

Have fun!