Funny Frog  LbNA # 27214

Ownerpoythress recess    
Placed DateNov 20 2006
LocationHuntersville, NC
Found By SassyScouts
Last Found Mar 30 2016
Hike Distance?

Funny Frog

To locate Funny Frog you must make about a 20 minute walk on The Torrence Creek Greenway in Huntersville, NC. The link to the Mecklenburg County Torrence Creek Greenway is below: The directions to the main entrance are I77 North from Charlotte, exit 23, Huntersville, left at top of exit ramp onto Gilead Road. Left on Bradford Hill Lane. (about 5 minutes off the interstate)

The link to the Mecklenburg County Torrence Creek Greenway:

Once on Bradford Hill Lane, park on the street just before the speed bump. The Yellow stick figure man points the way to proceed down the greenway. You will cross 3 bridges before the next clue (1) Cross the Slippery When Wet, dogleg right bridge (2) straight bridge (3) Dogleg left bridge. Some mornings, a mother deer and here two young are prancing to your left. You’ll approach the 50 marker. Always follow the trail to the left. Pass over one more bridge with many rocks and the canal to the right. Stop when you get to the bench that the beavers tried to have for lunch. Sit on the bench for a rest from your long journey. Directly behind you is where Jewel bunny was put to rest. She's now a retired box.

The retired Jewel Bunny letterbox and the bench is named in honor of a lovely lady named Jewel who lived in the neighborhood just beyond the greenway. She was instrumental in bringing this greenway to Huntersville. Jewel pasted away long before her time. We think of her often as we pass this bench.

Funny Frog

The Funny Frog letterbox is about a 10 minute walk from the Jewel Bunny letterbox and about a 20 min walk from the entrance of the Torrence Creek Greenway on Bradford Hill Lane. Proceed from the Jewel Bunny bench to where the funny frog lays in wait for a snack. Continue to stay left on the trail. Pass one bridge before you get to the Rock Graveyard on the right. Continue past two more bridges and you’ll approach marker 25 at the conclusion of the Rock Graveyard. You'll come to a 1/2 moon rock that looks like a grave stone on the left of the trail. Take a moment to remember you loved ones that have passed as you also admire the number “1” iron artwork directly in front of you. The Funny Frog letterbox is hiding beneath the "1". Enjoy the Torrence Creek Greenway beach that is located just before the next bridge on the left. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the sign that warns of danger for all frogs and kids alike.