Asbury Woods II  LbNA # 27216

Owner2-2 wheelers    
Placed DateNov 19 2006
Location5774 Sterrettania Rd., Millcreek Township, PA
Found By LemurEyes!
Last Found Apr 19 2014
Hike Distance?

******As of July 28, 2013, this box is alive and well and even dry despite all the rain we've had. Have adjusted the clue due to the excess vegetation now in the area.

2-2 wheelers adopted this box on Sept. 20, 2011. The box is alive and well. Many thanx to the original planter, whoever you may be.

In adopting this box, we have not moved the letterbox from it's hiding place, but we have added directions to the original clue...both driving directions and walking directions. However, PLEASE BE AWARE THIS IS NOT the "Asbury Woods" letterbox. This is ASBURY WOODS II...a different box.

Take I-90 to Exit 18, Sterrettania Road/PA Route 832. Go north on 832. You will pass Walnut Creek Middle School on your right. A little farther on, Browns Farm will be on your left at a traffic light. Park in the parking lot.

Walk down the hill towards the picnic pavilion. Before the pavilion, look to your left and you will see a path. Follow this path into the park along the edge of the meadow. When you get to the woods, take the left path into the woods. Go to the bridge that crosses Walnut Creek. Cross the bridge and immediately on your right, you will see the marker honoring Admiral Curtze. Just beyond it on the right, there is a wooden "Get Outdoors" sign with a blue circle on it....with your back to the bridge, look diagonally across the top of it. You will be looking into the woods on the right side of the path. You will see two large trees on the little hillside. In the roots of one of those trees is where you will find the letterbox.

Tip: This is a VERY busy walkers, bicycles, joggers coming from everywhere. So take your time and try not to be seen. And please be sure to snap the lid back on the box so water can't get in. And don't forget to record your find here and on AtlasQuest.

Happy hunting!