Crackle Pop Rattle Hiss  LbNA # 27230 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerAstro D    
Placed DateNov 19 2006
CountyLos Alamos
LocationLos Alamos, NM
Found By angel77ra
Last Found Jul 5 2012
Hike Distance?

You will be hiking through a burn area - the result of the massive Cerro Grande fire here in 2000. Hike ends at a natural arch with views of the burn area and the city of Los Alamos. Round trip hike is 2.2 miles with about 500 feet of elevation gain.

Driving directions: Drive west on Trinity Dr. (NM 502) to a major intersection with Diamond Dr. Turn right on Diamond, go to 36th St. and turn left. Go down 36th St. until it dead ends at Arizona Ave., turn left. At the intersection of 45th St. and Arizona Ave., look for a small parking area on your right, near a sign for a trailhead. Park here.

Hiking directions: Hike up the trail. Within 5 minutes, you will come to a sign. Turn to the right, following the directions for the Mitchell trail. Trail will then cross over the dirt road going to the water tank and then you will find another sign on your trail. Again, follow directions for the Mitchell trail by turning left. Trail wanders along the wash here, through a forest of burned trees. After about 20 minutes from the last sign, look for a small brown signpost on your right, marking the Natural Arch Trail, a small trail that branches off from the Mitchell Trail. Turn right onto this trail. Trail immediately starts climbing uphill. Follow the trail and when it gets hard to know where the trail is on the rock, follow stone cairns. Trail here is steep and requires some scrambling up rocks but is not precipitous. After about 20 minutes of climbing, you will arrive at the arch. Stand in the arch and face Los Alamos below. See the water tank? There is a giant boulder between you and the water tank. Box is on the arch side of the boulder, at the base of the boulder in a crevice under a flat rock, and is just to the right of the tree that leans toward the boulder. Enjoy the view. Be careful on your return trip downhill because of loose footing.

Also- don't touch or lean on any of the trees during your hike unless you want to get covered in soot!