Dragonflies in the Park  LbNA # 27260 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 11 2006
LocationLakeland, FL
Found By Soaring High
Last Found Dec 10 2007
Hike Distance?

Park in front of the Magnolia Building at 702 Orange St.
This is just your first clue, you are not done.
Dragonflies are inviting you to enter the park and have some fun.

From the center of the circle on the ground,
walk 20 paces north were jumping water and an alligator can be found.

Before a row of palms, turn towards the west to find a mommy and child reading a book.
You're near the letterbox, get ready to look!

For your last clue,
look where the little boy points his shoe.

Drop down on your knee,
Under the needles, under the rock, under the evergreen tree.

This is a very busy park, please be careful that no one sees you.
While you are at the park, be sure to take a tour of Hollis Gardens.