Pioneer Grave Site #1  LbNA # 27264

OwnerTrail Trekkers101    
Placed DateOct 18 2006
LocationVale, OR
Found By Toadily!
Last Found Sep 5 2010
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This area of Oregon has a rich pioneer history as Oregon Trail emigrants passed through here crossing over the Malheur ("bad hour") River. A "legend" of sorts has evolved over the fate of one such pioneer whose grave is nearby. This dry and dusty route spelled death for one John D. Henderson, in 1852. The legend is that he died of thirst a few yards from water, but for the real story go to our Trail Graves page.
This letterbox is located near his gravesite.

To locate the letterbox head out of Vale, southeast on Glenn St., which quickly changes names to become Lytle Blvd. heading toward Adrian, OR. First you will cross the bridge over the Malheur River. There are then a couple driveways to the right. After pasing those 2 driveways (one semicircle with two entrances) you will reach the intersection of a road to the right - Sand Hollow Rd. It is marked at that intesection as a historic Oregon Trial site. Turn right and stay to the right until you come to a gate/cattle guard. If it is open drive through to the grave site. It the gate is closed park here and walk around the short distance to the site of the Henderson grave. Below is the original grave marker and slightly up the hill above that is a commercially prepared stone marking the site. Go to the upper marker and in back of it on the right-hand corner for a pile of stones. The letterbox should be located here.

A side note to this site. While hiding the box we chanced upon another box (geo-cache) in the area so you can be on the look out for that one also.

Easily accessible location - drive-by.
The box includes a hand-made stamp, journal and pencil. No inkpad provided, please bring your own.

We would appreciate updates on the box from any finders. Thanks.