The Life Aquatic (MISSING)  LbNA # 27268 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 1 2006
CountyNew London
Locationniantic, CT
Planted Bytko    
Found By sadie&russ
Last Found Jul 19 2007
Hike Distance?

Strange things are said to take place in Dodge Pond. Perhaps it is deep enough to house a submarine? Maybe there is a secret passageway to the sea? What if they are testing secret government weapons? Seek the answers if you dare:

This a short and very suburban walk (or ride, we did the hiding on our bikes, but please keep in mind that the box in a very open residential area so please be discreet. there are lots of oppurtunities to extend your walk in the area if you wish)
From I-95 take exit 74 for Niantic and head south on Flanders road toward main street and the shoreline, just before reaching Main turn left on Hope Street (just past the spankin' new CVS) and park at the Niantic municipal lot on your left. From the lot head back up hope street to Flanders road, then left onto Flanders Road passing back by the the shiny CVS (you could park here if you were feeling especially lazy) and continue until you see the NUWC Dodge Pond Facility sign, turn left at the sign and continue down the street. Make a right onto Dodge Court, 10 paces from the firehydrant, on the left side of the double trunked tree you will find your prize. After stamping in you can try to catch a glimpse of any strange goings on in the pond, but remember tresspassing is a crime, federal tresspassing is a felony! (Just a little helpful advice from my dad who earned a living building secret submarines in the deserts of Idaho)

Sorry this box has gone missing as of Summer 2007 probably too exposed of a location for a box.