George Rogers Clark  LbNA # 27269 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 20 2006
LocationVincennes, IN
Planted ByScrapper    
Found By speedsquare
Last Found Oct 13 2007
Hike Distance?

The George Rogers Clark Memorial is located along the Wabash River in downtown Vincennes, Indiana. Park in the parking lot just past the visitorís center on 2nd Street. Begin your journey at the visitorís center (which is open 9-5 except for some holidays). The exhibits there and the memorial itself are worth taking the time to explore. Coming out of the visitorís center, head toward the river down the path by the canon. At the end of that path, turn right and go up the ramp toward the memorial. As you come around to the front of the memorial and looking at the highway/bridge, you should see a flag pole in front of you. Head toward that flag pole. Be cautious as you cross the highway, itís a high traffic area. Come down the steps behind the flagpole. Turn and look at the pole and off to your right you will see a sidewalk heading toward the river. Head that direction. There is a little sidewalk on the left going up to a door under the bridge. Turning to look at that door, you will see a small bush on your left. The box is in that bush. Use caution when retrieving, the bush needles are sharp. And the shops can be busy so be aware of those around you.

There is an annual Revolutionary War reenactment held on the grounds next to the memorial. For more information check out:

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