Red Hill  LbNA # 27270

Placed DateNov 20 2006
LocationLawrenceville, IL
Planted ByScrapper    
Found By Ladybowhunter1
Last Found Feb 27 2012
Hike Distance?

Pause to enjoy the spectacular scenic view from atop Red Hills – the highest point of land between St. Louis and Cincinnati.

The main entrance to Red Hill State Park is on the south side of route 50. Once in the park the road “Y”s. You want to go to the left. Follow the road until you pass the primitive tent camping area and right after it will be a pull off parking area where you should park. Across the road is a service road with a sign that says “authorized vehicles only”. This is the trail you want to take. Follow this trail until you see signage on the left for horses, bikes and hikers. At this sign turn right onto this trail. Then go down the hill, over the culvert pipe, curve left (looks like water has been over the road here – be cautious), up the hill, curve right and curve left. Now you should see an opening on your right with a small pond. Looking at that opening you will see a tree with four trunks and lots of vines on the left corner of where the opening and trail meet. The box is in the area where all the trunks meet covered by leaves and sticks. Once stamped in, you can either continue on this path which will lead you to the far side of the park or return the way you came.

Happy Hunting