Red House  LbNA # 27271

Placed DateNov 20 2006
LocationVincennes, IN
Planted ByScrapper    
Found By jbouchie
Last Found Nov 29 2009
Hike Distance?

Vincennes was founded in 1732 as a trading post by the French. The wilderness areas of present day Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio and part of Minnesota was established as the Northwest Territory in 1787. In 1800, the territory was divided. The eastern portion became the state of Ohio. The western part became the Indiana Territory and Vincennes was named the capital and remained so until 1813. William Henry Harrison was appointed as the first governor. In 1811 the General Assembly of the Legislature moved into the “red house”. This building was originally built as a tailor shop with only an exterior set of stairs to the second floor. Many important laws were passed from this location. You can tour this location, as well as, others at 1 W. Harrison St., downtown Vinncennes.

Since there wasn’t a very good location to place this box near the “Red House”, I placed it in Ouabache (Wabash) Trails Park. This park is located at 3500 N. Lower Fort Knox Road. Upon entering the park, you will come to a stop sign. Turn right and head toward the nature center and park office. At the next stop sign turn left. You’ll see parking on the left and restrooms on the right. You’ll be taking trail 3, and the entrance is SE across from the restrooms. There are small posts in the ground to mark the opening. Begin walking down the trail and between the 40th and 50th steps you will see a yellow manhole cover (??) and a post on the left. At the post continue left and down the hill to the ravine for another 100 steps. Now off to your right you should see two large trees growing right next to each other like a big “V”. Walk to them – they should be about 22 steps off the trail (you’ll pass remnants of a barbed-wire fence). Looking through the “V” away from the direction of the trail, you should see a tree with a large “slit” up the side. Go to that tree which is about 20 steps from the large trees. The box is at the bottom of that slit covered by sticks and leaves. Once stamped in, you can either continue down this trail to another area of the park or return the way you came.

Happy Hunting