Bushy Run #1  LbNA # 27275

Ownerletterboxing kids    
Placed DateOct 30 2006
LocationHarrison City, PA
Found By Alpha6
Last Found Oct 7 2009
Hike Distance?

NOTE: This letterbox has been moved several times by someone who planted a geocache in the same area (at least we think they are to blame). Therefore, we are in the process of trying to find it again and moving it to a different location. (10/12/09)

We are a group of 3 siblings, ages 2, 4, and 6. Therefore, this letterbox is suitable for kids of all ages to find. This is our first letterbox plant. So, feel free to give us any comments on how we can improve. While here, check out our other letterbox - Bushy Run #2.
From the Greensburg area, take Rt. 30 to Rt. 130N. Follow Rt. 130N to Harrison City. As soon as you enter Harrison City, immediately look for a sign on your right for Bushy Run Battlefield (Rt. 993). Turn right at the sign and follow this road to the battlefield.
From the Murraysville area, take Rt. 22 to Rt. 130S. Follow Rt. 130S to Harrison City. Look for signs to Bushy Run Battlefield (Rt. 993). Turn left onto Rt. 993 and follow this road to the battlefield.
You will pass the main entrance to the battlefield on your left. Continue to the second entrance (just down a small hill) on your right. Enter and park here. There are many trails to explore here. So, if possible, plan extra time for sightseeing.
The trail you need is located directly across the road from the entrance to this parking lot. So, you will need to walk back to the parking lot entrance. Be very careful crossing the road. Even though there may not be a lot of traffic, the cars travel pretty fast. After crossing the road, enter the trail and continue straight ahead. You will see a wooden post on your left with an arrow pointing up. Next, you will cross a small wooden bridge made of railroad ties. Immediately look for a bench on your right. There should be a large rock face on your left. Standing at the middle of the bench with your back to the bench, walk 15 steps toward the rack face. There should be a large, old tree root directly in front of you. Turn 90 degrees to your right and take 13 steps. There should be 2 large rocks at your feet with several smaller ones behind them. Your prize is hidden in the middle of these rocks.
When replacing the box, please be sure to cover it with plenty of sticks and leaves. Thank you.