The Dude Abides  LbNA # 27290 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Scorp    
Placed DateNov 14 2006
LocationMoberly, MO
Found By Irish Boy
Last Found Jun 29 2008
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 20 2015

***Update*** 3/01/2009
This box has temporarity been pulled due to city burning in the area. To avoid this in the future we will be moving this box to a new location and a new set of clues will be given. I will update this page when rehidden.

This box was placed by the my wife, The Jolly Knitter, as a birthday present for me. What a great gift. I got to be the first finder of a box made specifically with me in mind. Now that I have found it I shall share my present with the world.

Here are The Jolly Knitters clues:

This box is a birthday present for the Scorp. It's themed on one of his favorite movies, "The Big Lebowski." This is a kid friendly hunt & box, but the movie is rated "R" so if you're going to be faced with questions, well, you've been warned. There's nothing in the clue that requires you to see the movie, but if you haven't, and you're of age, I highly suggest you pick up a copy, throw on your bathrobe, pour a White Russian, and embrace your inner Dudeness.

Now, put some Creedence in your tape deck & head to Moberly, man. From Hwy 63, take route 24 west into town.
At Morley steet, turn left. Just ahead on the left is the local bowling alley. Note the Name.

You may want to roll a frame or two, but just be careful not to upset Walter, he may be Packin'.
Now turn around and go back to route 24 and go west (left). You will immediately pass over a bridge which, if your driver is carrying a ringer he may be tempted to toss it, but that would not be advised.

Just across the bridge you'll see a place on the left where you can get a rug to tie your room together.
Note the name. Continue about a mile until you reach Rothwell Park on the left.

As you drive through the park you are looking for a sign. Here's a hint: You might say the person was a "Manager" of the name of the bowling alley, At least part of it. Need another hint? Use the Keyword cipher to learn his name. For the Keyword, help the dude find a place to get a new rug in Moberly!


Once you're in front of the sign, take the trail to your left. There is a fork just ahead - veer right. *** SEE Below***Keep an eye out for a 7-10 Split. When you see your Pins, stand between them. (Look around to see if you can see the Pope in the woods. No?) Onto the LB.

Still between the pins look due north at eight paces (pace= 2 steps). At the far end is your payoff. Watch out for marmots when you are searching and be good and thorough in you re-hideation. The LB's life is in your hands. It's in your hands.

*** UPDATE *** FROM "THERE IS A FORK UP AHEAD - VEER RIGHT" Follow the trail untill it starts to circle around and there is a bench. From the Bench head north(ish) through a few tall trees to the edge of the woods roughly 15-20 paces. At the edge of the woods the ground slopes down. There is a fallen gardian on the ground that has been slightly burnt. The north end hides your strike. These diections may be rough but I believe once you are at the bench you should have minimal trouble finding it.