The Pioneer Village - retired  LbNA # 27294 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 21 2006
LocationTerre Haute, IN
Planted ByScrapper    
Found By Scrapper
Last Found Jul 31 2007
Hike Distance?

This box became a victim of a washout recently and has completely disappeared. I do have a plan to recarve this along with more of the village in the future. More later...

** 7/31/07 ~~ I was told recently that the stamp was broken so I replaced it today. The image is still the same but since my carving has improved I tweaked it a bit and it is smaller this time. **

Fowler Park is one of the hidden gems of Vigo County. It offers some great hiking trails, a nice camping area and the Pioneer Village area to explore.


Fourteen authentic log cabins, a working gristmill and a covered bridge are showcased in an 1800s-era village setting. The village is located on the northeast side of the park. The Village Folk, a volunteer group, are present in the village every third weekend in the summer and during the Pancake Breakfast, Pioneer Days, and the Christmas Walk. The village is also frequently used as a setting for school tours, weddings, reunions and other special occasions.


Fowler Park is located at 3000 E. Oregon Church Road. As you enter the park you should go to the left behind the guard house. Follow the road and park in the area just before the beach area (red buildings). The trail entrance in just across the road. Cross the wooden bridge and go up the hill. You’ll see a post with trail numbers. You want trail #6 so head straight ahead. At the lake you can go left or right – head left. Continue and you’ll see a post on the left with trail numbers. Continue on #6 straight ahead. Soon you’ll come to another post where trails 3, 5 and 6 turn right so head right. You’ll see another post where 3 and 6 continue straight so you do the same. You’ll go up, up, up the hill and then go up some more. Toward the top of the hill on the right is a log missing most of its bark. The box is under the log covered with bark and leaves. Once stamped in, you can continue on the trail and come out by the guard house or return the way you came.

Happy Hunting