Dobbs Park  LbNA # 27295 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateNov 21 2006
LocationTerre Haute, IN
Planted ByScrapper    
Found By seas the day
Last Found Sep 16 2012
Hike Distance?

8/1/2009 Goose has suffered an injury and will be recarved and replaced within a few weeks. More later...


My kids love to go to Dobbs Park. It’s a wonderful area that is not well known by those that aren’t residents. It’s got some nice nature areas for an urban park, as well as, a nice nature center and interesting Native American museum. Make sure you bring some bread crumbs for the geese while you’re there, they love it.


Enter Dobbs Park off Poplar St. Park in the parking area and head toward the totem pole. Take the gravel walk by the museum toward the woods. Turn left at the light pole. When the trail “Y”s go toward the left. You’ll pass by a very large uprooted tree. Soon you’ll come to a shelter. On the west side under the floor supports is a dug out area. This is where a goose may be hiding under some leaves. There is a thorn bush right near it so be careful as you retrieve. Once stamped in, continue through the shelter. Turn left when the trail splits. Cross the bridge. At the next intersection turn left. Cross a boardwalk. At the next intersection turn left. Cross six boardwalks. At the next intersection turn right. Pass the entrance to the self guided trail on the left. Keep following the main trail as it follows the perimeter of the park (you'll see houses along the right side). Cross three boardwalks. Soon after the boardwalks you'll come upon a fallen tree on the left. You'll know you are at the right tree if when you are looking at it you can see a tall uprooted tree in the background "leaning" on it's neighbors. You'll know it when you see it - it's definitely tall enough to make a good totem pole. See the big branch in front of you that is parallel to the trail? The box is under the tree at a knot that is about two feet from that branch. Continue along the trail to exit. When the trail makes a “Y” keep to the left. You should pass a scout sign on your left that says “firebreak”. This trail comes out by Garfield Shelter. Follow the road east back to the nature center.

Happy Hunting