Tribute to Joan #6 - Happy Box  LbNA # 27298

Ownerjb kokopelli    
Placed DateNov 21 2006
LocationRusk, TX
Found By (hidden)
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This box was replaced on June 9, 2009

This letterbox series is a tribute to my best friend and co-letterboxer, Joan, who passed away October 10th of this year from Ovarian Cancer. She loved letterboxing almost as much as I do. Her greatest love was the seven dwarfs..especially Dopey. I had carved this series before she passed away, so I decided to dedicate all 7 of these boxes to her. One of our other hobbies that started a few years ago was walking through old cemeteries and looking at unique and old headstones. So all of these letterboxes are located in cemeteries that she and I both really enjoyed walking through.

To find this box, you will first need to find yourself to Rusk, Texas to the only traffic light in town. It is located at the intersection of Hwy 69 and Hwy 84. If you are coming from Jacksonville you will need to turn right onto Hwy 84. Go to the first stop sign and turn right. Go to the next stop sign and turn left onto Main Street. You will go 0.6 mile to Cemetery sign and then turn left onto Salem. The road will fork and just stay to your left into the cemetery. Follow the main road all they way to the back of the cemetery. The road will end in grass. Park here. This cemetery has a lot of really neat old headstones so please be sure and walk around and look at them. Once you are ready to look for the box Go back to your car and look at the large statue with a large cross, enclosed in a wrought iron fence, last name Miller. Walk to the gate of this fence and with your back to the statue/gate walk towards three cedar trees in a triangle. Continue through these cedars to a Bonner family plot with a large headstone. To your left, as you approach the Bonner plot, there will be a large double trunk tree. Walk to this double trunk tree and with your back to the double trunk tree and to the Bonner plot, walk straght ahead until you get to a tall lone pine at the edge of hte woods. Happy is playing under the big pine tree.
Please email me and let me know the status of this box